Mobile Compactors

Mobile Compactors

Specifically designed, the filing system solution for compact & limited archive area for offices, schools, universities etc.

Efficient space saver: Get the most out of your precious floor space while improving inventory and file access through better organization. Encore prime compactor saves upto 60% of space usage. Each configuration offers storage capacity equivalent to 10 four-drawer filing cabinets at almost half the floor space.

Easy & universal installation: It is practical, modular and requires no drilling to the floor. Prefabricated base modules mean that there’s no need for floor preparation, and adjustable feet compensate for uneven floors.

Smooth operation: Encore prime offers a smart hand-operated compacting storage system. Sections supported by load wheels for ease of movement & horizontal lateral guide wheels prevent cabinets from tipping and acts as an anti-tilt mechanism for the storage cabinets.

Locking: All units are fitted with a standard single-point, internal, key-activated locking mechanism fixing into the platform base, with an optional overhead locking system available for greater security.

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